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Amazing Insole Testimonials

BUY these!!!! It's like walking on water-the best thing for your feet ever! Your feet will love u all day! I would even just recommend them to anyone that has a job that requires them to be on their feet all the time-so comfy and you WILL LOVE them!

Linda -Virginia Beach, VA

These are the best things I have bought! I have been buying those heel pain insoles for along time, from the store. But when I got these new Liquid Filled insoles they are the only ones now! Good for my feet!

Ken Smock - Boise, ID

Been suffering from plantar fasciitis for many months. Was not able to run as I did before. But these insoles are awesome. I love it. I am using it while running and walking. Planning to buy one more pair.

Jim Rossy - Canoga Park, CA

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Liquid filled massaging shoe insoles for plantar fasciitis and heel pain treatment..

Benefits of Amazing Insoles

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Runners, Joggers or High Arches

For running, jogging or high arched feet, check out the Heelinator 3/4 length shoe insert. The Heelinator features a high arch support and a heel cup with a gel cushion, providing great heel pain relief.  The "Plantar Relief Bridge" that supports the arch of the foot is a great plantar fasciitis treatment.

Heelinator Testimonial

This is the only heel insole that works.  Tried several but this one works.

Mike Cox from West Union, SC

Since I have been using this insole, my feet have been less sore/tired at the end of the day. I would recommend to my friends.

Nancy Gregory-Anderson from Dillingham, AK