Why do I have more foot pain as I grow older?

Do you ever feel like the foot pain you are experiencing every day is getting worse by the minute? Well, you’re probably right with that. Aging takes a big toll on your entire body including your feet. With that in mind, older people tend to have a lot of complications with their feet. Considering the amount of stress we put our feet under, no wonder we have constant sore feet.

Foot pain shouldn’t be a big deal if you really know how to deal with it. Stick around and I will show you how. Your feet have taken you everywhere in life. Ever since the very first day you walked to school, to the place you are today. They simply have never complained or even disappointed you.

If that isn’t true service, I don’t know what is! Pretty much everything in your body has undergone changes since that first day you walked. And your feet are no exception. Most of these changes have developed slowly as your cells change and collagen production starts to slow down.

The next thing is your skin will also start to thin and so will the fatty tissues in your soles and heels. Eventually, these changes will give rise to problems with your stability. Most importantly, these changes will affect your lower back, hips, and knees. This isn’t something strange. As a matter of fact, it’s common because of the wear and tear principle even in the human body.

Here are some of the problems you are likely to suffer from when you don’t take care of your feet:          

Common Feet Problems linked to Aging

  1. Fat Vanishes

We are all born with natural cushions. These cushions are known as the elastin and collagen cushions. But as we grow older, the collagen production in your entire body reduces hence thinning the fat in our feet.

Without this natural cushion, you start feeling the effects in the evening. That means, you will wake up feeling okay but you will experience sore feet accompanied with a lot of pain especially in your bones.

Although you might choose to get a fat transplant to give you the comfort you need, there’s very little proof that this might actually work. Keep on reading and I will give you a solution that doesn’t involve any medications or surgical operations.

  1. The first signs of arthritis

Keep in mind that all these problems are as a result of a reduction in the cushion in your feet. Generally, your feet control about 30 different joints at a go. All these joints can also degenerate as you age. This basically leads to arthritis.

Arthritis is simply inflammation in your joints which usually results in pain and stiffness in your joints. After some time you might get used to the pain. But the stiffness that you wake up feeling in the morning is something that you can’t get over. Though this stiffness improves during the day, it also worsens at night or when you sit down for long hours.

Losing weight and exercising will improve the experience but they might not offer a permanent solution.

  1. Curling up of your toes

I don’t mean the sexy under the sheets way, NO! This is a whole different and painful experience. Especially in women, the years you’ve been stuffing your feet in very high heels put them at risk of acquiring some disorders, For instance, hammertoes or even a permanent bend in your smaller digits.

In the long run, this will spike a painful experience or even corns and calluses as you grow older. You can avoid such problems by choosing to wear more comfortable shoes that might help you regain your toes.


Other problems that you might also encounter with your feet include:

  • As you grow older, your blood slows down which makes each cut you get on your feet harder to heel.
  • The tendons in your feet will also tighten
  • Your skin, especially in your feet, will dry out.


So what is the best solution to foot pain?

You are probably wondering what the best solution for this problem is. Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. With the new and improved amazing insoles, you will be able to eliminate most of these problems. What do I mean exactly?

  1. Cushioning

With the amazing insoles, you will be able to cushion the entire bottoms of your feet. What’s more, you can easily wear these insoles throughout our life from a tender age. This will help you reduce the effects of aging. Meaning, you will be able to manage the reduction of your fat pads.

  1. Absorbs shocks

The amazing insoles can dramatically reduce the shock your feet have to handle every single day. The contents inside these insoles ensure that your feet float. Therefore, the shock is absorbed by shoes’ insole rather than your ankles, knees and lower back.

  1. Massage

Amazing insoles offer a constant massage at the lower end of your feet. The gel in the insoles moves forward when your foot descends and moves back to the back of your foot. Therefore, this action will create a constant foot massage at the bottom of your feet every time you walk.

There’s a lot of nerves at the bottom of your feet. And a lot of uric acid deposits itself at the bottom of your feet. Massaging the bottom of your feet will over time break down the accumulation of uric acid crystals. By massaging your entire feet, the amazing insoles constantly break down these deposits. A slower movement causes an even deeper massage which is more therapeutic.

  1. Distribution of weight

We all know that liquid always seeks its own level. The gel in the amazing insoles, therefore, allows for an equal distribution of your weight. This, in the end, reduces the amount of friction on your feet hence relieving the painful plantar warts, calluses, and extreme perspiration.



In summary…

In case you are having a problem with your feet, then you should consider using the amazing insoles to ease your pain. The beauty of these insoles is that you can use it from a tender age. More to that, you don’t have to take any medications to deal with y